2020 Membership

Two levels of membership are available. The level best for you depends on how much squash you intend to play. The two levels are:
Annual Membership and Day Membership.

Annual Membership Details

£20 for full year 2020.

£15 from 1st July 2020.

If you play squash with us on a regular basis, this is the option for you.


  • Lower Squash Fees at London Social Squash Sessions – non members pay a £2 day membership
  • Eligibility to play for the club in a Middlesex League team
  • Receive information via our mailing list
  • Participate in additional activities we organise

 Annual Members will be entitled to:

    1. Stand for election to the Management Committee
    2. Vote in the AGM
    3. Put down motions for determination at the AGM
    4. Receive regular information of the Group’s activities (i.e. be on the Group’s email list)
    5. Be eligible to participate in the Middlesex League
    6. Participate in any additional activities organised for the Group and restricted by the Committee in its absolute discretion, to Annual Members
    7. Receive any additional benefits decided by the Committee in its absolute discretion to be for Annual Members only
    8. Play in the Mini Tournament

Day Membership Details

£2 extra per session (on top of the session fee).

If you play squash with us only occasionally, this option may suit you.


  • No up-front commitment
  • Option to become an Annual Member at any time

How to buy an Annual Membership

Please complete the Registration Link below and we will send you payment details.

Register for Membership Here.

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