From February 2019 OutPlay Squash will be running a Leaderboard.

The Leaderboard records games won and lost and generates rankings for all registered players.  All levels play in the same group as points are determined by the number of games won and lost.  The more you play the better your chance of getting to the top of the rankings.

Entry is free and open to all OutPlay members.

Register to play in the Leaderboard here

If you have any questions about how the Leaderboard works, feel free to contact us here.

You can login to the Leaderboard to enter scores and check the current rankings.


Leaderboard Rules

In our Leaderboard every player will have a ranking based on points awarded for winning games and deducted for losing games.  All games count towards your overall ranking – whoever has the most points at any time is top of the Leaderboard.

You do not have to play ‘matches’.  As every game won or lost counts towards your ranking you can enter individual games as well as matches.

Matches and games can be of any length, and to any score, as long as both players have agreed in advance, although games to 11 or 15 are the norm.  It is the overall games won and lost which count so point scores are not important.

The Leaderboard is open to all OutPlay members regardless of level – the ranking system allows all levels to play in the same group with an equal chance of topping the rankings.

Games do not have to be played during OutPlay sessions.  Players can organise games and enter their scores whenever they like.

On Saturday PM sessions we will have an additional court which we will use to allow some Leaderboard matches to be played.  In these sessions please limit matches to best of 3 games to 11 points (sudden death at 10-10).  Players waiting to play a match should remove their pegs from the main board whilst they wait.  We will rely on you to treat fellow players fairly and not use this as an excuse to get more court time… in busy sessions the court will revert to standard use to ensure all players get equal court time.  Remember you can add individual games as well as matches so you can still work on your rankings in busy sessions.

OutPlay is a friendly social squash club and as such we don’t envisage any arguments and disputes – call Lets. 

Games are only Leaderboard games if both players have agreed before the start of the game, and remain leaderboard games regardless of the outcome unless both players agree.