COVID Sessions

We have secured bookings for 2 weekly sessions at one of our regular centres Finsbury Leisure Centre. These sessions will run on Saturday and Sunday from 4pm – 6pm.

In order to comply with Government Guidance, and England Squash’s Guidance on social distancing and squash play, these sessions will be run differently to our normal regular sessions. If you intend to play at one of these session you MUST read the OutPlay Covid-19 Guidance below in full. You will be expected to adhere to the rules set out in this guidance, and the sessions will run much more smoothly if everybody knows what they should be doing.

Places for these sessions must be booked in advance. We will post the links for registration in our WhatsApp News and Members’ Chat groups. Do not simply turn up to a session as you will not be allowed to play.

We will organise players into ‘bubbles’ of up to 6 players per court for each session. Please follow any instructions given by the helpers. OutPlay have had to sign a waiver of liability in with Finsbury in order to secure the bookings, and failure to adhere to the rules in full may jeopardise OutPlay’s ability to continue these booking with the club, and could expose your fellow players to a greater risk of coronavirus. Players deliberately breaking the rules will be asked to leave the session, and may be barred from future sessions.

The OutPlay Covid-19 Guide is available here:

These sessions have been designed to meet or exceed all relevant Government and England Squash guidelines, and OutPlay have carried out a full risk assessment for them. You can view the risk assessment and the full England Squash guidance here: